Stallergenes, a global player

Stallergenes is a global pharmaceutical company leading innovation in allergen immunotherapy (AIT) and providing allergy solutions around the world.

Dedicated to the fight against allergies, Stallergenes offers a complete approach to allergic diseases by offering allergy specialists around the world a wide range of products, from diagnostics to innovative allergen immunotherapy treatments. For more than 50 years, the company has been continuously expanding the existing frontiers of science in order to provide allergy patients with more effective, long-lasting therapeutic options.

Stallergenes in Canada

Stallergenes Canada brings patient-friendly treatments to allergy specialists and their patients suffering from allergic respiratory diseases.

Stallergenes provides Canadian physicians and their allergic patients with the sublingual grass pollen immunotherapy tablet ORALAIR®, the first and only sublingual immunotherapy tablet (SLIT) with a standardized 5-grass pollen composition.

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